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Ezine Ads

Ezines are a very effective way to recruit for your business. There are thousands of ezines available online that allow you to place ads for free or for a small fee. Some will sell you an ad in a promiment position usually called "Top Sponsor" or even send out a "Solo Mailing" of your ad.

There are also services, such as AdHomeBase , '2Bucks' an AD , and MyWizardAds, that will put your ad into multiple ezines for a small fee. These are great time savers.

You should target your ezine ads to the proper audience. For instance, say you sell website hosting. Your ad in an ezine that is read by webmasters and internet marketers would more likely do better than it would in an ezine targeted to fishermen. So chose which ezines you submit your ad to wisely and you'll get a much better response for your effort.

As with classified ads, you need to vary your ad until you hit on one that consistently bring hits to your site. The headline will be what attracts people to read the rest of your ad. Having the greatest ad copy in the world won't do you much good if the headline doesn't catch the readers eye.

Be sure you use a tracking service such as ROIbot or FreeBonanza to keep track of where the hits to your site are coming from. Tracking services will let you set-up a different url for each of your ads. When prospects click on one of these urls, the tracking service records the info, so you know which ad got the response.

As a gift for being a visitor to my site, I'll give you a program you can download free that will format your ezine ads to fit the requirements of any ezine.

Free Ezine Ad Formatter

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