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Network Marketing Prospecting with Blogs

If you need fresh leads on a daily basis, you've probably purchased biz opp leads from one or more lead brokers. Depending on the quality of these leads and the age of these leads you may have been able to endure the cold calling long enough to find a few good business partners. If you are spending several hundred dollars each and every month on this type of lead and are very frustrated with the results then listen up. Focus some time and energy on a new skill set called blogging and you may be very pleased with the results.

Using free blogs for Network Marketing Leads

Internet marketing and network marketing have now intersected in a major way. Major network marketing companies now supply distributors with product websites, recruiting tools and lead capture pages for Internet marketing strategies. Third-party companies have also created generic lead capture systems for online networkers. Some of the systems are branded to the specific company while others can be adapted to virtually any opportunity. However, you may be able to escape the monthly fees by capturing leads through a network of free blog sites.

Top Free Blog Sites

While it is a good idea for the sake of branding to create your own MLM blog, using free blog sites such as and can extend your reach more quickly. We will begin with, the granddaddy of free blog sites.

Blogger, which is owned by Google, is an extremely easy use blogging tool. Even if you have never used blogger previously, you can have a one page site up and functional within 15 minutes. Do your keyword research properly, and you may be surprised to see your brand new blog outranking older and established blogs. Blogger is a favorite tool of online affiliate marketers for a reason. It is simple and it is really effective. Choose your blog title and your blog address URL carefully, in order to specific types of searchers. For example, you might use your company name followed by the word review or reviews. Searchers who are in research mode will often use this type of keyword phrase. Use a good keyword tool to isolate one or more phrases that you wish to target.

You can add images, embed videos and even add lead capture forms for your online marketing system or from your third-party autoresponder service, such as Aweber. Make a note of the user name and password and save it somewhere on your desktop so that you can easily make edits to this page. Adding new content over time should help to improve your rankings and results with this page.

Next we move to Not to be confused with, this free blog site can also bring exciting results. As with blogger, carefully choose your page title and URL address. They should contain your target keywords for optimum exposure. Do not target broad and overly competitive terms such as MLM or network marketing; instead you want to laser focus on specific keyword phrases that speak to specific product, service or opportunity. Upload interesting images and embedded related videos just like you did on your blogger blog. Don't forget to use 3-5 tags to correctly categorize your page for the search engines.

It is recommended that you not use heavy sales pitches on; rather, provide strong content about your topic and drop a link into this content that leads the reader back to your opportunity page were personal blog which is hosted elsewhere. Once you're comfortable using for one or more blogs, you will find it much easier to then move to self hosted WordPress blogs in the future.

Blogging will not bring instant results but when done correctly will provide a stream of fresh, targeted, interested leads. Network marketing prospecting just got a whole lot easier!

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