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The importance of Cash flow in a network marketing business

by Joel Teo

The importance of Cash flow in a network marketing business

By Joel Teo
2005 All Rights Reserved

Many networking marketing affiliates and mlm business owners face one problem. Itís the question of cash flow. Cash
flow in the context of a home business means simply the amount of money you get from your home business minus the
amount of money you spend building it. Many people spend more money on their business than getting anything from it.
Then despondent, they throw up their hands in the air and say mlm or network marketing does not work for them. What if they had money coming from their online investments which they used to build their online business? That would
change their perspective right? Since they after a while would have no money or very little money out of their pocket.

There are people out there who do network marketing because they want to get out of debt and get food on the table. That is an admirable goal and I agree with them. However, there is a problem, a business is not a job. By clarifying the distinction in your mind, you would automatically come to a conclusion that you have to build your non-network marketing online income streams so that you can continue to
spend money on advertising and other business ideas month after month without running up huge credit card bills which
sort of defeats the reason you signed up to build an online business in the first place. I.e. your online income funds
your online business either completely or largely.

Spend your energy looking for cash generating investments online that can help you develop separate income streams so that once they come in, you can take your money that you generated online to spend on advertising and building your
network marketing business. This is not impossible, but one would be advised to go online and investigate each
investment opportunity carefully before putting more money into it. The more the investment online claims to pay you,
there is a chance that it might be a scam so do a quick google search before you invest money into it.

Some people then would ask, if such investment opportunities online exist, then why do I need to do network marketing? The simple answer is leverage. In a network marketing
business, you leverage on your time and other peopleís time and your returns are not linear but exponential.

Therefore to succeed online in any network marketing business, the ability to generate online profits for the
purpose of cash flow to fund your online advertising budget may be critical to help you continue to build your online
business. Network marketing I have come to realize is a long term business so sometimes in the immediate short term,
spend time building short term cash generating assets and see your online income start rising.

About the Author

Joel Teo is a work at home business owner and runs the highly successful work
at home business opportunity websites.

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