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Welcome to Network Marketing Success Now!


Network Marketing Wealth - From the INSIDE out !

by Barry Goss

[To Read the HTML Version of this Article, click here:]

Network Marketing Wealth -
from the Inside Out

Todays' e-letter is exciting for me. And, I have a pretty good feeling it will be absolutely exciting for YOU too.

As a matter of fact, I believe that the impact this letter will have on you will
eclipse ALL my past letters combined.

"A pretty strong prediction, Barry...what's so special about what you've got today"

You ask, here's my answer:

I, over the past 3 months, have had the privilege to attend conference calls and listen to training of several of the most wealthiest people in Network Marketing history. I've taken it upon myself to dive into some of the most extraordinary peak-performance books you could ever get your hands on.

I've heard and learned from guys and gals making over $100,000 per month and beyond! From people who live life to it's fullest and enjoy every waking second (not minute, but second :-)

[sidenote]: one very famous Network Marketer, who built his business via direct-mail techniques, has estimated that their are at least 100 people in this industry earning over 1 MILLION a MONTH. Did you catch that? Yes, a month !!!

So, if we're to use the Law of Averages and combine it with a the old 80/20 Rule, how many people do you estimate are earning 1 MILLION a YEAR?

Maybe 1000? Or cud it be, 10,000? (hey, at least we know it's more than 100)

The point to grasp here is that there are actually people accomplishing this!

As I heard one heavy-hitter tell his group: "everybody in the company has the same comp plan, the same products to sell, access to the same support system. The only difference in the success equation is YOU."

So, the question is: What's the difference between the person making 1 MILLION a MONTH and $100 a MONTH?

What is the person who earns $100,000 a month doing that the person who earns $10,000 a month NOT doing?

To me, the answer to that question holds the secret key that will allow you to open your own door to a MILLION dollar per year -or month - walkaway royalty check (if that's what you so desire).

So, do you believe your worth a MILLION dollars a year?

Sure, most of you desire it, but - again, do you believe your worth it?

Do your believe you have what it takes to be successful?

Here's what a $450,000 per MONTH network marketing heavy weight from Reno told a sold out conference line of 1000 people in early September:

"Your perception is your reality ...that concept is so strong - that if you truly understand that your perception of yourself is your current reality, you'll begin to completely change your see, it's what you EXPECT in your life to happen for you or to you. Well, get rid of the *to you* stuff so it will start happening for you."

You see, this particular gentleman, didn't EXPECT anything less than earning $450,000 per month in network marketing.

So, it happened! You can't STOP focused energy folks.

Joe Vitale, author of the remarkable book Spirtial Marketing (which I'm about to tell you how to read it for FREE), put it this way:

"What you hold in your mind with energy and focus will tend to be created in your reality. [for most of us] it takes a little longer to experience results
because we keep changing our minds."

And, of course, it's this kind of unfocused type indecision that most rookie mlm'ers get themselves into.

"Ahh, wow, that's another neat product!"

"Darn, that group has a better system - they even will build my downline for me!"

"I'll try this program for awhile and see how it goes."

Did you know that if you're one of the folks reading this who have been focused on building a downline with ONE - and only ONE - MLM company for over 12 months, that you're in the top 5% of the industry for loyalty and longevity - and earning power ?

You can only fail in Network Marketing if you QUIT! Yes, 95% of the success equation is just finding and working with a company that will outlast YOU.

If people would just pick ONE solid, reputable company with a unique, in-demand, consumable product line and focus their energy on doing what it takes to work the plan, they'd be successful beyond their wildest dreams.

So, tell your downline to quit looking and start DOING. Tell them that the number #1 secret to success it to QUIT looking and start working the proven plan that worked for you and your upline.

HOWEVER, there's a huge bridge that must be crossed before even that simple advice can be effectively accomplished.

What is it? Well, I'm excited to tell you that the commonality between ALL of the $100,000+ per month earners in this industry is that they ALL - and I mean everyone of them - work on themselves everyday.

Why does everyone of them religiously practice self-improvement. Why are they constantly in search of ways to learn, grow, and develop?

Because they - like The Greatest Networker - understand "the secret!"

As told by John Milton Fogg in his incredible book, The Greatest Networker in the World:

"There is nothing which you now know, and nothing about what you think you don't know, that will help you create the success you desire."

"The key to your success lies only in what you don't know that you don't know. Do you understand?"

"No," I told him truthfully. "I have no idea what you're saying. How can I know what I don't even know that I don't know?"

"You can't," he said. "That's the secret."

Yes, I know...cryptic indeed. However, when I first read John's book, I did eventually figure out what he was saying - near the last chapter (and, that passage above was in the 3rd :-).

Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, is probably the utmost authority of WHY businesses fail. His exhaustive study on business has shown that only 1.6% of all new businesses will still be standing tall after 5 years.

The reason ?

Get Ready ..................cause, the answer I'm about to give you is the same answer to the question above in green.

Here it is:

According to Mr. Gerber, the failures did NOT have a burning desire to learn, develop, or grow as a person.

In Gerber's words, "Your business [mlm or otherwise] is nothing more than a distinct reflection of who YOU are. If your thinking is sloppy, your business will be sloppy. If YOU are disorganized, then your business will be disorganized. If YOU are greedy, then the people around you will be greedy. So, if your business is to change--as it must to be successful--then YOU must change."

The recurring message that is prevalent in all three of the books mentioned above is this:

********************************** You must "work harder on yourself than you do on your business. Work ON-- not IN--Your life (think about that). **********************************

Yes, my precious friend, the SECRET all along for the TOP income earners in this industry has been:

****************************** They've figured out HOW to create wealth from the INSIDE OUT. ******************************

Wanna proven 5-STEP formula for making this happen right NOW ?

Thought so!

I'm absolutely excited to be able to GIVE you access to something that has the realistic potential to completely change your life. A proven formula that has brought miracles to many who have read and applied the 5-steps listed in the astonishing book:

"Spiritual Marketing" - by Joe Vitale

While you can buy the paper or hardcover version of this book at, you can obtain FREE access to the e-book version here:

NOTE: I still highly recommend having a hard copy of this book by your night stand. You'll wanna read it over and over again. It's that good. Read all the reviews at (you'll actually learn just from reading these).

So, whatever you're doing at this moment, stopping and either buying the hardcopy version or accessing the FREE e-book version will be the best decision you could every make.

The quick 5-step formula layed out in "Spirtual Marketing"is exactly what the TOP income earners have used to achieve enormous success (whether they know it or not :-)

Until Next Time,

Your Partner in the Quest For a Walkaway, Lifetime Royalty Check:

Barry Goss
Virginia Beach, VA

===================================================== Barry Goss, is a referral broker for an 11-year old, $50 Million dollar, Dallas Texas-based Network Marketing company that has over 1.1 Million customers with a retention rate of over 90%.

He is also the Editor of:
The ReferralWealth@Home E-letter To subscribe, ======================================================

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