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Welcome to Network Marketing Success Now!


MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM Success by Listening

by Doug Firebaugh

Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of Listening when you'd preferred to talk"
Doug Larson

Less is More.

What does that mean?

Less talking is more powerful, as you increase your MLM Success arsenal to succeed and win..and expand your bullets to hit the Network Marketing Victory bullseye...through theIncredible and Amazing Power of...


Do you realize Listening is a Power that can be exercised and tapped intoand with it, you can change lives...including your own?

My mentor taught me that ...

"Doug...Listening is the Million Dollar Skill.....Master it, and you have mastered the Power Core of Communication,Connection,and Caring...found inthe Heart of Success".

If you study great leaders, most were great listeners, and learned from it. Who do you know that is a great leader in Business or your Community?

If you study them, study their Listening habits....

When you listen next time with someone...give 100% attention,and don't let anything distract you...
remember...this is their time with you...respect it.

Lock onto not just the Moment, but the Message within the Moment.

REALLY Listen and you will be suprised what you hearthat you've missed before....

For this week, let's engage:

1) An Active Listening...not just with your ears, but also with your eyesand heart...

2) A Powerful Body Language...Look in your folks eyes, and lean their way,to show connection.

3) A Caring Focus...listening starts with the heart.

4) A Content focus...Listen for the content,not just the intent....

5) An Empowering Attitude...encourage and edify all that has been said, show gratitude for them thinking enough of you to share....

When you listen, you are...

Leveraging & Increasing Success That Empowers Now.

Your Listening will Leverage the Power found within it to Increase Success in Empowering the Now.

Absolutely nothing can Empower a situation, a moment, or a person, for Success, like Focused, Magnetic listening.

People are not only Attracted to it...but compelled to be a part of it...and are drawn towards it....

The Power of Listening truly is the "Million Dollar Skill..."in Network Marketing.

Most People treat it like a 5 dollar attitude...

My Mentor also said....

"The last word in listen is ten.....Listening is 10 times more Powerful, and Success Attracting in the long run, than talking...."

Are you Listening?????


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About the Author

Doug Firebaugh, living in Birmingham, Michigan, is one of the top Trainers, Speakers, and Authors in the MLM and Network marketing industry. Having built a huge group, he draws on his 20 years experience and giftings to create unique and fresh trainings for the industry. He can be reached at

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