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Welcome to Network Marketing Success Now!


MLM Network Marketing Success Training- The Biggest MLM Success Principle

by Doug Firebaugh

The Deepest Principle of Human Nature is to be appreciated....."
William James

MLM Praise.

Can go a long way in creating what you want to happen with people that you work with, socialize with, or even are family's powerful....

Here is a little known Network Marketing secret....

Most people wake up every morning feeling that they are not truly appreciated, and what they do is taken for granted.

Sound familiar?

Are you aware that according to a recent study in psychology, that it's only getting worse...not better?

It is impossible for someone to become successful in MLM and a Home Business life without someone cheering them on, and believing in them somewhere, sometime in their life...

But the sad part is....

Most never get any kind of praise, and never have, in their home business life....

And the Hunger for recognition and praise increases...Daily....

Start becoming an MLM "Praise Factory"
..and start finding great things in small and insignificant tasks...

Start saying," Wow! You are great at this!"or,"Wow! You really look nice today!"or," You know....I really do appreciate all you do, I just wanted to let you know...'

And if you are hungry for praise and for being become an MLM "Praise Factory"...


When you praise someone, it is planting a seed...Not in that person's heart...but yours....because every time you praise someone in Network marketing, somehow in ways we will never understand, it comes back into your life in the form of increased strength, power, and confidence... the elements needed for MLM success in life...

The seed you planted with words in their heart... takes root in your own....

And a "Praise factory" magnetizes you to MLM Success in ways we will never comprehend...

But it does happen....

Praise has almost a "Force" to it that when engaged, it can bring to your life the things you hunger giving to others what they hunger for....

The Power of PRAISE in MLM.

What does Praise stand for?

Power Releasing And Increasing Success Energy....Did you get that?????

Become a "Praise Factory"...go out of your way 5 times a day to touch someone's heart..and let them feel appreciated..

And the Power you release in your life by simply doing that small thing....

Will bring some HUGE things back into your own life and Network Marketing business...

You'll find out....


(c) 2005/ all rights reserved

PassionFire Intl

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Copyright Doug Firebaugh -

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