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Welcome to Network Marketing Success Now!


A Sure Fire Way to increase Network Marketing Sales

by Scott Ames

No matter what Network Marketing Company you belong to sales are
the way you make your money, especially downline sales. Do you want
to know a way to stimulate a lot of downline sales? Read on.
The least exciting part of network marketing is personal sales. If
you are selling a widget and you must complete x number of dollars
in personal sales to be qualified, do you just simply "buy" the
product for yourself, or if that's not allowed, do you "sell" some
product to your relatives each month? Perhaps your relatives
don't pay retail? Perhaps they are gifted those products or are
getting a 100% rebate from you? It's human nature to figure out a
way around the personal sales requirement, but..why not take it to
heart and make personal sales the one thing that increases your
commissions by leaps and bounds?
Here is what I'm talking about. If you sold an extra bottle of
shampoo a month to your neighbor and it increased your commissions
by $1.00 would you get excited? Probably not, it's not worth the
effort you might think. What if everyone in your downline started
selling a little extra, to their neighbors, because of your example?
Your increased commissions depend on the compensation plan you
have, the dollar value of the product you are selling, the
commission rate on each level, etc., but let's say you have 240
people in your total downline. That's 240 extra sales per month if
everyone follows your example. Why would they follow your example?
Because they are setting an example for "their" downline.
Play with the numbers with your own downline and compensation plan
and see what a difference it can make. After that, think what you
could do with 2 extra sales a month, or 3 , or 5, or 10.
If you are new to network marketing and do not yet have a large
downline, now is the time to set an example. You might wonder why,
especially if you don't have anyone in your downline that will
follow you yet. The reason you should do it is to have a story to
tell. When new people join under you just show them what you are
doing, they will do the same, especially when they first join. That
story could quickly become a story shared with the rest of your
company when you are standing on stage one day getting a nice award.
Best of luck in your marketing.

About the Author

Scott Ames is the editor of an online directory of network marketing companies as well as a resource for those involved in multilevel marketing.

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