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What is an auto-responder?

An auto-responder (AR) is a series of email follow ups that are accessed by sending an email to the AR address or filling out a form on a webpage.

These messages are delivered at user defined, pre-set intervals. For example, the first message goes out as soon as someone subscribes. The next goes out after two days, the third goes out after another three days, the fourth goes out after three more days, etc.

AR systems will let you send anywhere from 7 to 52 messages depending on how the particular system is set up.

Once your AR is setup, it works automatically delivering your followups to your prospects for you.

Why do I need an auto-responder?

According to a recent study by Sales and Marketing Executives International, 81% of major sales are closed after the fifth contact. Some people will respond immediately to sales messages while others need repeated exposure before they even consider responding to an offer.

By using an AR, you keep your information fresh in your prospects mind. Each message should add a little more information, or incentive, to get them to visit your site or to make a purchase.

The proper use of ARs will greatly increase the effectiveness of your online promotions.

Where do I get an auto-responder?

There are many sources of free and paid AR services. Here are a few. Others can be found by doing a search for auto-responders on the major search engines. Make sure you read their terms of service, as some place other ads in your messages and some are ad free.

Once you have an AR, how do you set it up?

Login to your account and go to the message manager. There you will be able to compose your messages and specify the intervals that they will be mailed out. Most also let you personalize your messages with the recipients name or other info. Be sure you make sure everything is correct in your messages and be sure to click update to save your work.

Send the messages to yourself so you can see how they look so you can make any changes before they are sent to your prospects.

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